​”Turkey: Petra Roasting’s New Seaside Cafe In Alaçati, Izmir Province”

Petra Roasting Co.’s new spot in Alacati is one of my favorite places to drink coffee on this planet (I’ve yet to drink any on another planet). It has everything one could want in a coffee spot. Hipness. Peace and quiet. Great decor. And, most importantly, skilled baristas brewing up some stupendous coffee.IMG_2899

  at does a magnificent job of making me want to go back.

Alaçatı is an Aegean beach town whose popularity seems to grow each year. So far this beautiful place has been able to maintain its identity as one of the most authentic old towns in Turkey, complete with stone houses, narrow stone streets, and vineyards and windmills that date back more than 150 years. More recently the city is home to a few stylish boutique hotels, filled up with well-heeled tourists from Turkey and across Europe.


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