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From the multicultural streets of Los Angeles, CA to standing atop the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, Ronnie’s love for history, travel and culture has only grown since he first traveled overseas at age 12. He studied Greco-Roman and Reformation History in university and now lives in Turkey with his wife and son where he is privileged to write about culture, past and present. Ronnie loves being a traveler, language learner, writer, coffee enthusiast and historian in the making.

Some of Ronnie’s favorite sites include The Great Theatre in Ephesus, just outside Izmir, Turkey, the Colosseum in Rome, the British Museum in London, the Areopagus Hill in Athens, and Mayan ruins outside Antigua, Guatemala. His favorite cities in the world (so far) are Istanbul, Prague, Budapest, Los Angeles, Antigua, and San Francisco.

Why ‘History and Beans’?

History: In university I concentrated my studies on the Greco-Roman world while writing my senior thesis on the Reformation. I have studied Koine Greek and Hebrew and Christian history–all at the master level–and I am currently studying Turkish. I live in Turkey with my wife and son where I study and write about the ancient sites of Ephesus and Smyrna, and many more, all while exploring this beautiful country.

Coffee: I love coffee. Every morning I start my day by taking ten-minutes to brew a cup for me and my awesome wife – usually with a v60 or an aeropress. Some find this task tedious (especially when they could press a button to get their coffee), but I find it tranquil. Beyond brewing and drinking coffee at home, I love to try out new brew bars, roasters, and coffee shops as I travel the world. Thankfully the city we live in has recently been bit with the coffee bug in a fresh sense and we have some respectable roasters and brewers within reach.

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